Where to buy the Jo Montgomery book entitled Loughlin about Westbrook artist Brendan Loughlin, formerly of Guilford, CT

Loughlin is the remarkable true story of Guilford artist Brendan Loughin. It exposes, then celebrates, the extraordinary human ability to rise above abandonment, abuse, and poverty. Written by Jo Montgomery, Loughlin's story proves that inner joy – like trick birthday candles – smokes, sparks, and then lights back up again no matter how many times tragedy attempts to extinguish it.

Brendan Loughlin's paintings can be found at Willow & Birch in Madison, CT. Please call 203-421-6669 or visit our website.

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Loughlin is the remarkable true story of the beloved Guilford artist Brendan Loughlin, who Yankee Magazine called “Connecticut’s modern day Van Gogh.” His past of near unbelievable experiences has brought him to his art and the unusually minimalistic, yet boundlessly gratifying, lifestyle he embraces.

Discover how a man whose past should have broken him, ended up so full of joy, gratitude and giving grace. In his darkest moments, homeless, getting his meals from a food bank and sleeping in cars, what kept him from turning to drugs, alcohol or thievery? Read his story and be inspired by his extraordinary journey and joyful artwork. And save your pity, he has everything he ever wanted and far more…perhaps you do, too.

“Brendan thought I was doing him a favor,” says Jo Montgomery, author. “The fact is that he did me the greater favor.” Jo is a freelance writer and marketer, and a former student of Brendan’s painting classes. Inspired by his artwork, courage, faith and infectious joyfulness, she was compelled to write his story when he decided he was ready to tell it. Jo lives in Madison, Connecticut with her husband, two children and Bernese Mountain dog.

Book Summary:
Title: Loughlin
Author: Jo Montgomery
ISBN: 978-0-9855573-0-0
5½” x 8½” softcover, 194 pp., including 8 color pages of Loughlin’s work, $19.95

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