Where to buy the Jo Montgomery book entitled Loughlin about Westbrook artist Brendan Loughlin, formerly of Guilford, CT

Loughlin is the remarkable true story of Guilford artist Brendan Loughin. It exposes, then celebrates, the extraordinary human ability to rise above abandonment, abuse, and poverty. Written by Jo Montgomery, Loughlin's story proves that inner joy – like trick birthday candles – smokes, sparks, and then lights back up again no matter how many times tragedy attempts to extinguish it.

Brendan Loughlin's paintings can be found at Willow & Birch in Madison, CT. Please call 203-421-6669 or visit our website.


Westbrook artist Brendan Loughlin (formerly of Guilford, CT) has developed a new method of painting that he calls Pastac™. Loughlin combines soft pastel chalks, painter’s tints (pure pigment tints) and a white enamel shellac-based primer. He has found that B-I-N, produced by Zinsser, is a white shellac-based primer that produces excellent results. As an essential ingredient of Pastac™, the shellac-based primer takes the place of the fixatives used in conventional painting. Loughlin also primes his painting surfaces with B-I-N, so there is no need to apply gesso.

Pastac™ produces bold, vibrant hues and rich textures not easily duplicated in other methods of painting. Pastac™ dries within minutes, allowing the artist to build texture without compromising the quality of the color. Since Pastac™ is an extremely effective and quick-drying universal sealant, the artist can also correct whatever he has painted with a new layer of Pastac™, confident that the colors of the new layer will not be compromised by the colors in the layer underneath. The new layer of Pastac™ “melts into itself rather than into the layer beneath it. Hence, corrections can be made quickly and easily without the muddy blemishes associated with layering oil paints or the gummy buildups and lumps associated with layering acrylics. For this reason Pastac™ is truly revolutionary as a painting technique!

Pastac™ has the following other advantages over oils, acrylics and other conventional methods of painting:

  • Fixatives used in conventional painting change the color of the paint; B-I-N brings out pure color and locks it in.
  • Shellac, an all natural resin, seals better than any man-made substance. When using Pastac, paintings are better protected.
  • Pastac™ provides the artist with an unlimited color palette from which to choose. Colors are vibrant and do not fade over time, even when exposed to the elements (sun, rain, etc.).
  • Pastac™ sticks to almost any surface. Loughlin prefers masonite to canvas, creating a fresco look, with no need for frames or glass.
  • Pastac™ is one quarter to one third the price of conventional methods of painting.

Given the low cost and unique ease of painting, almost anyone can be an artist when painting in Pastac™. It democratizes the very art of painting!